Rhonda Cam Deluxe

 A complete American restoration of the classic Canon 514XL Super 8 film camera, rebuilt to surpass original factory specifications. These cameras have been restored for proper focus, transport, exposure and more.

-9 FPS and 18 FPS filming speed and single-frame shooting capabilites
-Power/Manual zoom
-Runs on 2 AA batteries
-Petite Size (7" x 4.5" x 1 3/4")
-Light weight body, weights less than 1 pound
-Auto exposure with a range of ASA
-Built in Canon 9-45mm zoom lens
-F1.4-32 auto controlled aperture
-F stop scale in the viewfinder with the ability to look a given exposure
-Split screen focusing
-A locking ring in the diopter adjustment


ships with neoprene carry case.

  • Item #: RhondaCam514

Rhonda Cam Deluxe

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